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Warranty details

  • If you purchased a new Tablet or Solar Audio Player, it’s under a manufacturer’s warranty for 12 months from the date it was first used on the Tablet or Solar Audio Player, or the date you received the device, whichever is earlier.
  • Tablet and Solar Audio Player warranties aren’t transferable from one customer to another. AGIA Media doesn’t support warranties for any devices not purchased through AGIA Media or an authorized AGIA Media dealer
  • it’s determined that your device has liquid or physical damage, AGIA Media can’t exchange your device. Liquid or physical damage isn’t covered by the manufacturer warranty. If you don’t disclose device damage, you’re subject to a nonrefundable out-of-warranty fee (dependent on Returning your defective Tablet or Solar Audio Unit

  • Return your defective device at the time of pick-up to the retail location.
  • Don’t include any accessories such as the battery, memory card, or back cover. These items won’t be returned.
  • Ensure you provide proper photo identification and original defective device at time of exchange
  • Your defective device is subject to a device damage condition check before the processing of your new device.

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