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what we do

We build We create many safe facilities, towers, mega companies, and public and private facilities.

Safe Facilities

With an unwavering focus on quality, Horizon Construction provides general construction, project management, estimating, and skilled craftsmenship to exceed expectations on every job. And, we do this in every industry we serve. Our sustainable construction practices make Horizon an easy to work with - and easy to trust.

General facilities

we pride ourselves on being experts in the design-build process. This allows us to integrate conceptual design with function performance on every project we take on, and it grants our clients a single source over the course of the entire project, from initial design to the completed construction phase

Companies and horoscopes

Our ability to self-perform ensures the entire project’s tone is a productive, manageable one that we completely oversee for the entire build. These tasks may include concrete, masonry, carpentry, and steel erection. A self-performing general contractor increases efficiencies and cost savings while also improving quality and enforcing safety

Complex Design

For many years, horzion Construction has provided building solutions that meet a wide variety of needs in an expansive swath of industries. Electing horzion Construction to the role of general contractor means your project will have the consultative, innovative, and authoritative influence it deserves.

Who we are

About us

The company aims to participate in the development of the national economy within the framework of the state's general policy in the areas of reconstruction and construction of integrated areas and new areas and all contracting and construction work with all its specializations and therefore the company relies on its own resources in order to achieve its goals

Some FAQ’s

Fequality Ask

is a professional company wants to work hard and do a great job for you to increase their already growing client base. By providing you with a “job well done” it’s a win/win situation. You have the satisfaction of knowing you hired the best company for your project and were treated fairly and with respect. Horizon has the satisfaction of knowing you will call them again for other future projects and will also recommend them to others!
The company's eagerness to reach the pinnacle of success is based on adherence to standards of quality control and assurance and preserving the internal and external environment while providing all means of securing work sites and the safety and health of workers, dealers and business partners, as it aims to achieve the satisfaction of internal and external customers.
Architecture and Civil Engineering Company, which provides a full range of services for design, construction, installation, commissioning and start-up of the MEP systems in the buildings and structures under industrial, commercial and civil construction. Architecture is a skill of buildings and facilities (and their complexes)

Design build

The Contractor, Designers, Subcontractors And Owner Work Together As One Team To Build A Project That Meets Or Exceeds The Owner’s Expectations

General Construction

Use Multiple Prime Contractors Or A Single Prime Contractor On Public Projects. The Single Prime Contracting Model Is Often Referred To As General Contracting

Floors & Roofs

we uses patented technology to create an energy efficient and quality insulating concrete floor and roof system. Ideal for use in commercial and residential construction

Building Construction

The modular scaffolding kit for versatile use on construction sites Scaffolding for many different types of applications are needed at the construction site

Rooms & Halls

Buildings will feature knowledge stations for a collaborative work environment, study spaces, group project rooms, a living room, kitchen, laundry room on the ground floor

Architecture Design

We are committed to creating a collaborative environment between the client and the design team to develop an architecture that is sensitive to the client’s desires and objectives while considering site, program, and pre-existing environmental and historical conditions.

Let's Make Awesome Things, Together.

values its design professionals who have a proven history in design-build, and its long relationships with some of the best contractors, craftspeople and consultantsspecializes in custom residential projects, both renovations, additions and new construction, and moderate-scale commercial buildings.



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